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Juliet sits patiently, the ear thermometer stuck firmly in her ear. It beeps and she pulls it out. The number there makes her smile broadly. It's dropped nearly three degrees in the last hour. The flu suppressant worked. It was no cure, and while it would make the fever drop almost immediately - which, frankly, was the most important symptom to suppress - the others would stick around for a day or two, such as the cough and the aches and pains.

Juliet wastes no time in separating the fluid into separate bottles and packing her case full of hypos.

She walks as quickly as she can manage out of the infirmary and sets to knocking on everyone's door.

(**if your character is around and needs a "cure", leave a comment with whatever they're doing and Juliet can come a-knockin'!**)

Hell of a night, brotha

It's the middle of the night. All is fairly quiet in the Barracks, until...

A very delirious Desmond stumbles through the town square, clearly stricken with fever. He's dressed in his plaid pajamas, holding an empty coffee mug and swinging it around while mumbling to himself. The words coming out of his mouth are too garbled to even be identified.

As if the ground has been pulled out from underneath him, he trips and lands face-first on a mound of grass. Sputtering a bit, he tries to heave himself up. The effort is unsuccessful, and all he can really manage to do is turn over onto his back, shivering with fever but laughing through his delirium.


 Juliet slowly makes her way out of the infirmary, blinking tiredly in the bright sun. She knows she probably looks terrible - hell, she feels terrible. But if the people here all have this, then they're feeling the same and by the looks of things are only going to get worse. She's set up quite a few beds in the infirmary, just in case; and now, she'll be making a personal house call to each and every single one of them.

She attempts to pull herself together.


Slipped under the door of every resident, and posted in the middle of the barracks and at the various occupied stations and the cafeteria, are these two notices:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Juliet stops to catch her breath, sitting down on a park bench and letting her head hang. She's sweating and wheezing, and tries to collect herself before standing again.

She's beginning to wonder at the speed at which the flu has overtaken the barracks. It's not typical. In fact, Charlie got his while he was away from everyone. She frowns deeply at this, and sighs. 

Time for more research.

Dear Happy Island Denziens

The Island has put its inhabitants through a great many trials and tribulations, to be sure. Some of them may have even thought that the Island had settled. Surely, after so many bad things, they all deserved a break, right?

Wrong. The Island has noticed the growing complacency amongst its people and it will not abide by such levels of comfort and ease.

A few inhabitants may start to notice a tickle in the back of their throats, or that their noses are running. Perhaps they are a bit tired, achy, weak. Maybe they have a small cough, and maybe they're feeling a bit hotter than normal. This is how it begins.

Within time these symptoms will worsen. Soon it will be a full-blown, lung-hacking cough, one that leaves the throat raw and inflamed. They will start to feel weak, tired all the time, and their fevers will begin to climb. Before long, the headaches start, with sinuses so congested it feels like their heads might split from the pressure, followed by vomiting that will leave the inhabitants shaky and weak and dehydrated. They'll try desperately to keep water down, but their fevers will climb, making traveling anywhere difficult.

Before long our poor sick residents will be unable to leave bed. Their fevers will have climbed so high that they will start hallucinating, having terrible nightmares - some worse than others. It will all depend on what horrors that resident has seen over their life time, won't it?

Juliet and Jack will work desperately to figure out how to stop this pandemic. But they are going to be sick too, making the task a difficult one. So the question is...
Will they stop it?

The Wedding...

*Charlie stares at the gazebo, his nervousness building. This was it. The day he officially gives Claire his name. The day he makes her officially his. He's nervous. He hopes that everything goes ok. That there's no problems, especially at the reception...

Of course, he won't dare hope that Smokey won't come. In fact, he was more worried about Smokey's mother than Smokey, himself. But he wasn't going to worry about that now. He wasn't going to worry about it at all. This was his wedding day. He was going to marry Claire, in front of all their friends. That was all that mattered.*

*Everything looked perfect. From the gazebo to the reception hall.*

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*Now all there was to do was wait for everyone to arrive and for everything to start*

Aug. 24th, 2010

Kate couldn't bring herself to go to the other island. The thought that Jack was there was enough to make her yearn for his company. But the longer she distanced herself from the trip, from actually breaking down and going on the journey, the more she wanted to flee. She'd only be able to face him if she went and for some reason, she found herself believing that it just wasn't going to be worth it. She didn't deserve him and he was probably only inviting her to be pleasant.

So instead, she focused on developing her life once again on the stupid island. She needed something to keep her mind occupied and the concept of employment on the island seemed foreign, but she was going to take what she could get. She bounced up the steps of the porch to Sawyer's house, knocking. Apparently he was the one she needed to see to find something to do.


A Triumphant Return

The sun beats down on the grassy expanse surrounding the barracks, no sounds of life around except for the oppressive hum of the jungle hanging in the thick, humid air.

Suddenly, the trees are unsettled and a large bird flies out from the canopy, complaining loudly as it ascends into the sky. The source of its irritation stumbles blindly from the trees, landing on the grass with a heavy thud. His clothes are dirty, but not as dirty as one might expect from someone who had been living in the jungle for so long. A dazed look is in his eye, as though he isn't entirely sure as to where he is and why is he there.

However, the grass is soft, and he finds himself closing his eyes before he remembers what exactly he was supposed to be doing.

Then, he sleeps.



The following secrets were posted to the cork board in the Dharma cafeteria. Discuss each secret in the appropriate numbered comment.

Gonna give all my secrets away...Collapse )

Visiting Hurley

*Charlie stood on Hurley's front steps, feeling a bit nervous yet determined.  He had something very important to ask Hurley and he hoped that the answer would be yes.  If the answer was no, he could accept it, but he really couldn't picture anyone else in the role of his best man than Hurley.  They had been best mates since they crashed here.  Really, even back then, it had  felt like they had always been friends.*

*He took a deep breath and knocked on the door, hoping that Hurley was home.*


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