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Contact the player and/or the mod if you want to start something important with someone's character
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Characters currently enjoying the Dharma beer and fish biscuits:

what_about_meee ~ Benjamin "BAMF" Linus
2pieces4u ~ Jacob, He Who Will Save Us All
dr_juliet_burke ~ Juliet "Red Shirt" Burke
captfishbiscuit ~ James "Poopy Drawers" Ford
douche4adad ~ Miles "gimme mah money" Straume
its_neil_time ~ Neil "Frogurt"
whirrrrrr ~ The Smoke Monster
iwaspregnant ~ Ana Lucia "BANG BANG" Cortez
missshannon815 ~ Shannon "omg u gaiz" Rutherford
barkofthewild ~ Vincent
not_scott ~ Steve, who is not Scott
im_scott ~ Scott, who is Scott
ifoundsomepens ~ Boone "Locke isn't so cool now" Carlyle
pblovinaussie ~ Claire "Kate, we need to talk" Littleton
listen_to_locke ~ Alex "Let's Say I Have Some Daddy Issues" Linus/Rousseau
sjarrah ~ Sayid "Killer Legs" Jarrah
morethananother ~ Ethan "Nice baby you have there" Rom
tom_friendly ~ Tom "You're not my type" Friendly
iamyourbrotha ~ Desmond "Make Your Own Kinda Music" Hume
notdeadbuthere ~ Charlie "I don't swim" Pace
youre_not_rambo ~ Rose "Punch You In The Face" Nadler
arztandcrafts ~ Leslie "Dynamite is SERIOUS BUSINE---" Arzt
island_doctor ~ Jack "Fix You by Coldplay is my jam, man!" Shephard
jfcnoteyeliner ~ Richard "Slave 4 U" Alpert
lockenloade ~ John "They see me rollin'" Locke
youresospecial ~ Mother "Seashells in her hair"
mrcluck ~ Hugo "NUMBER ONE!" Reyes
gingercharlotte ~ Charlotte "chocaholic" Lewis
penny_hume ~ Penny "I also have daddy issues" Hume
imgoingwithyou ~ Kate "Saved a Bullet" Austen
40daystotalk ~ Mister "Jesus Stick" Eko
jin_sushi ~ Jin "Button your sweater" Kwon
kwon_sun_hwa ~ Sun "Have you seen my husband?" Kwon

If you are interested in joining, go see the application here.

While this is meant to be fun, it's not a free-for-all. Contact the mod: what_about_meee with questions.

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We were all brought here for a reason.
-- John Locke